Although in most cases we strive in every way to keep our customers happy and satisfied with their purchases at Sax Shepherd Designs, we feel the nature of GATCHA items requires firm, distinct policies.

What is a GATCHA?

A GATCHA (interchangeably spelled “GACHA”) is a vendor game that allows customers to pay for a random chance at a pool of items. Some of those items are usually designated as more “rare” than others. Rare items have a smaller chance per attempt of being awarded. Each time a customer pays they are playing for a random chance; there is no guarantee of what item they will receive. Because the vended item is random, GATCHA vendors tend to feature much lower prices than general merchandise.

Sax Shepherd Designs GATCHA Policies:

There are any number of Second Life glitches that can cause problems with GATCHA scripted vendors and most of these will not provide sellers like us with verification. No refunds are provided because there is no way to verify if an item was received or not. For this reason you should avoid GATCHA vendors if you are experiencing lag or if the region you are in appears to be experiencing concerns. We may refund a single spin, at our discretion, if there are extenuating circumstances, but this is a courtesy and not a requirement on our part.

GATCHA vendors produce random results, so you may get 3 or 4 of the same item in a row or not get an expected item after dozens of tries. On the other hand, you may get a special item in the first try. There is no way to know what to expect — that is the appeal of these vendors. You should not play at a GATCHA vendor if you expect to become upset over not getting an expected item. We will not provide items simply because a customer tried for it a given number of times.

GATCHA items are no-mod/no-copy/transfer. Usually we prefer our items to be mod to give our customers more options, but we cannot have someone editing our items and handing them off to other people containing scripts or features that are not from us.

The odds of a GATCHA vary depending on how many items are included, how many items are rare and/if there are secret prizes or rewards for a certain number of spins.

We will not consider outright sale of GATCHA items. In the rare case where similar items are for sale they will not be exactly the same as those in the GATCHA; the item will not be provided with transfer permissions and will be at a price more in keeping with our store prices. For example, a GATCHA variation item might be L$50 while a similar in-store version is L$500.

We will consider trade-ins on a case-to-case basis. If you have an item that you want to trade back to us and request a mod/copy/no transfer version, drop a notecard with the name of the item on our customer service avatar: SaxShepherdDesigns Resident with your request. We will do our best to honor your request.

Rewards are something we offer at our discretion to thank our customers for supporting our products. We base rewards on the number of spins and tend to set the rewards at 25 or more spins. Occasionally, if someone is close (within 5 spins) we may opt to reward the gift.

Rewards are 100% at our discretion and usually provided manually; they are never guaranteed and not created for all products. We do not promote rewards and do not wish customers to think we expect a large number of spins from everyone or from every product.

Multiple rewards may be available for certain products but no single reward is ever given to a single customer more than once.

When participating in Gatcha events, the policies of the event may supersede our standard policies during the course of the event. We will abide by the rules of the event first whenever possible.

As always, we will do everything in our power to be fair, honest, and sympathetic to customer situations and requests, but we feel we must make sure we follow what is fair for everyone and not just what feels fair in the moment. Please be a responsible customer.

Thank you kindly,


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