Blogger Policy

Due to an overwhelming demand, I have had to update my blogger policy.

I love bloggers and know one of the most valuable ways to get my products seen by SL consumers is via blogs. In the past, I’ve sent samples liberally. I now send blogging HUD kits to my personal list of bloggers via my communication system. I consider all requests, but due to the high number of samples I already provide, I reserve the right to politely refuse additional requests.

How To Become an SSD Blogger
I review my personal blogger list quarterly. During that period I may remove bloggers that have lost interest in my products and/or add bloggers that showcase my products more creatively or regularly. There is no requirement for the number of posts or the frequency of times my products are utilized; I just follow common sense.

Mostly I monitor Flickr and frequently check my Flickr Group to see how bloggers are showcasing my products in their images. If your blog doesn’t include posting images on Flickr, please let me know which feeds you are in at application.

To be considered for my next blogger list review, please drop a notecard on my Customer Service Avatar – SaxShepherdDesigns Resident – with your avatar name, the name and URL of your blog, the types of products you are interested in, your Flickr link, and whatever feeds your blog may be a part of. If that’s all too much, just tell me why you want to blog my products and how you will showcase them.

Important Notes

  • These policies are provided as general guidelines. I’m not out to police anyone or dictate demands. If you find anything in my policies that you deem difficult or unfair, please let me know.
  • From time to time I put out erotic jewelry pieces. I understand if you cannot blog these pieces, but please be aware that you might receive them if you are on my blogger list.
  • My blogger list is maintained manually (even the automated system that delivers products to bloggers runs from a manually updated list). It is possible you may get accidentally removed during a review. Please do not hesitate to ask questions if you are concerned that you are no longer getting blog samples.
  • Bloggers do not always get Whole Damn Packs. I do try to give bloggers a variety of items to choose from, but bloggers do not necessarily always get every variation of every product. If there is something you didn’t get that you wish to blog, feel free to ask.
  • Gatcha samples (when possible) are always no-transfer.

Blogging Expectations

  • I do not attach any obligation to random samples, but I do expect items that are specifically requested to be blogged in a reasonable amount of time (within 15 days or so of request).
  • There are never obligations attached to editorial content. I expect basic courtesy and fairness, but otherwise there will never be repercussions for expressing that you wish an item had other features, or disliking certain features.

Image / Product Presentation

  • Just because a blogger isn’t an expert in Photoshop does not mean I will reject their request. Yes, it’s wonderful to see my images in the works of creative bloggers, but I also value and appreciate bloggers who prefer to show my products simply as they appear to customers in-world.
  • I mostly create accessories like jewelry and shoes. Many bloggers don’t showcase these types of items in a way that benefits the pieces. Putting together an outfit where my pieces are hidden under coats or barely visible is not what I consider showcasing them. I don’t expect my pieces to be front and center all the time, but if you never highlight accessories in your posts/images then it’s unlikely you’ll continue to get samples. I hope that is an understandable position.


  • If you don’t Flickr, it’s possible I might miss you. Please don’t ever feel you’ve been neglected on purpose. Just let me know where I should be looking to find your articles.
  • If you only Flickr and do not blog, please include my MAINSTORE SLURL or MARKETPLACE LINK in the photo comment section.

I reserve the right to decline any blogger request for any reason. I do take many things into into account including the overall frequency of some bloggers, etc.

Thank you!

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