Store Policies

Below are the Store Policies for all Sax Shepherd Designs stores. Please review these policies prior to purchase to be sure they meet your personal consumer standards. If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to our Contact & Customer Support section so we can address your needs.


* If you have questions about permissions of a particular item, please ask before you buy.
* Most products sold at Sax Shepherd Designs stores are Mod/Copy/No Transfer to provide for maximum customization opportunities and safe back-ups. GATCHA items are generally no-modify (for more about GATCHA items, please visit our GATCHA policy page).
* Certain items that support our products (like our fashion HUD) may not have modify permissions enabled. Other products may indicate “no-modify” due to script or pose settings within the product, but the objects themselves will still be modifiable.


* All sales are final; please take care when making your purchases. We do not allow for refunds or returns on any products, except in the case of accidental double purchase of copy items.

* Exchanges of no-copy items for other store merchandise may be considered on a case by case basis.
* Most Sax Shepherd Designs products contain a registration script. If you purchased an item and wore or rezzed it at any time, we will most likely have a record of it and be able to provide a replacement. If you remember your product registering, please just drop a notecard to our customer service avatar (SaxShepherdDesigns Resident) in-world requesting a replacement.

* Eligible replacements will be provided as soon as possible to the original purchaser only — replacements are not available to alternate accounts.
* Replacements for copy items that have not been registered are always offered for the first 30 days following purchase to any eligible customer who can provide the date and time of their transaction. Replacements for no-copy items are only offered after the original item has been returned.
* After 30 days, replacements of non-registered items may be offered as a courtesy to eligible customers who can provide the transaction number, date, and time, of original purchase provided we can verify the purchase against our store records.
* In lieu of store record verification, eligible customers may also submit a screen shot of their transaction as “proof of purchase” for consideration of replacement. This is not necessary if the purchased item contained a registration script.

* Please note that alterations are the responsibility of the purchaser. Although we will offer assistance at our discretion whenever possible, we are not responsible for accidents involving customer-modified changes to our products.

* We are unable to provide help regarding lost items; please contact Linden Lab if you have experienced inventory loss.


Sax Shepherd Designs, our associated brands, and designers retain all rights to our content. We will address any infringement on a case to case basis.
By purchasing our animations, shapes, items, textures or other products, you are granted a limited license for the use of your purchases within the virtual platform of Second Life. Under no circumstances are you permitted to export our products (or components of those products) from the Second Life environment. You also agree to abide by the usage outlined in our Copyright and Store Policies as well as our User Agreement.
Within the Second Life platform, our products may not be copied for purposes of distribution, or retouched/manipulated for distribution under any circumstance. Likewise, our items and textures may not be given away free on their own or as part of a package deal. We provide modify rights on most of our products as a courtesy to consumers, but this in no way grants permission to deconstruct or manipulate our products beyond the Second Life permissions system intent.
Sax Shepherd Designs is committed to protecting and respecting the copyrights of others as well as our own. If you see our items or textures being abused in anyway, please let us know.
We would much rather make new items available than deal with grumpy copyright issues, so please be respectful of what you find in our stores. Time and care was involved in the quality of these items.


By purchasing a product from a Sax Shepherd Designs store you agree:
* Items are priced and sold for individual use only; you will employ them only for your personal and/or business needs.
* You will not produce multiple copies for associates and/or friends on property not associated with yourself or your business for the purpose of circumventing purchase by others.
* You will not use third party devices, or allow others to use such devices to capture the textures, scripts, designs, or other features of items.

* You will abide by the store policies listed in this notecard.


Most of our products contain registration scripts that will gather information about you and your product in order to verify purchase and provide you with updates. Your information will never be shared outside of the Sax Shepherd Designs design creative group and will not be utilized for any purpose that infringes user privacy.

When your first SSD product is registered, you will be added or our notification group. Our communications will always include options for opting-out of future communications.

If you have any questions or concerns about how your information is gathered or maintained please do not hesitate to contact us.


These policies are occasionally updated. Please check back for the most up-to-date version of our polices with each new purchase. We reserve the right to alter or amend these policies at any time for any reason.

Date of Last Revision: December 3, 2013

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