SSD Promo HUD Overview

Sax Shepherd Designs Promo HUD Example

Sax Shepherd Designs Promo HUD Example


You will hear a “boink” sound if you click an invalid area of the HUD.
Some LSL script functions are delayed by SL to prevent spam; you may have to wait a moment or two in between clicking UTILITY buttons.


►ABOUT SSD / UTILITIES (Top): This area will help you find out more about Sax Shepherd Designs and provides user options.
►PRODUCT DISPLAYS(Center): This area scrolls through product displays of new releases.
►LOOT (Bottom): This area provides options for unpacking the items included in the HUD and shopping destinations for SSD products.


►Store: Provides an SLURL link to our in-world Main Store Location.
►Blog: Opens a link to this blog.
►Flickr: Opens a link to our Flickr Group.
►Subscribe / Unsubscribe: Allows you to opt-in or opt-out of future notifications.
►Help: Opens a link to the Help section of this blog.
►CSR: Gives you the option to send a message to our customer service avatar, SaxShepherdDesigns Resident, informing them you need assistance. There is a confirmation warning before sending.

►Display: The center display showcases new product releases.
►Arrows: The left and right arrows allow you to scroll through product displays.

►Teleport: By default, provides an SLURL link to our in-world Main Store Location, but may alternately provide a link to events SSD is participating in.
►Get Loot: Unpacks the contents of the HUD to a folder in your inventory including DEMOs, Group Gifts, information notecards and landmarks.
►Marketplace: Opens a link to our SL Marketplace Store.

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