SSD Fashion HUD Overview

Sax Shepherd Designs Fashion HUD Example

Sax Shepherd Designs Fashion HUD Example


You must be wearing your SSD Fashion HUD and your product at the same time in order for the HUD to work.
Your SSD Fashion HUD will affect all the products you are currently wearing. If you want to change the size or appearance of set items individually, you will need to wear them one at a time and adjust them accordingly.
You will hear a “boink” sound if you click and invalid area of the HUD.
Some LSL script functions are delayed by SL to prevent spam; you may have to wait a moment or two in between clicking ABOUT SSD and/or UTILITY buttons.
Similar products may utilize identical HUDs, but individual appearance features will only work for those included in the purchased product. A “Whole Damn Pack” may use the same HUD as a single color, for example, but some of the choices will be disabled.


►ABOUT SSD (Upper Left): This area will help you find out more about Sax Shepherd Designs and our products.
►UTILITIES (Upper Right): This area provides utility options for your HUD and the product it controls.
►SIZE (Center): This area provides options for helping you resize your product.
►APPEARANCE (Lower): This area provides options for helping you adjust the appearance of your product. This area will be significantly different for each product.


►MP: Opens a link to our SL Marketplace Store.
►Blog: Opens a link to this blog.
►Store: Provides an SLURL link to our in-world Main Store Location.
►Flickr: Opens a link to our Flickr Group.
►CSR: Gives you the option to send a message to our customer service avatar, SaxShepherdDesigns Resident, informing them you need service. There is a confirmation warning before sending.
►SUB: Allows you toggle between opt-in or opt-out of SSD notifications and customer appreciation gifts. A green check indicates that you are subscribed and eligible to receive notices and gifts; a red X indicates that you are no longer subscribed. For more on SSD communications, please visit our Communication Notification FAQ page. Please note that this feature was introduced in January 2014 and this button may be missing from products released prior to that date.

►Delete: Removes the scripts from your product, but not the HUD. There is a confirmation warning before removal.
►Reset: Resets the scripts in both the HUD and the product.
►Help: Opens a link to the Help section of this blog.
►Zoom: Cycles the HUD between Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large display sizes.
►Full Bright: Cycles products between various Full Bright presets (ex: all on, all off, or jewels only, etc).

►Pose: Places your avatar into the standard posing position. A second click will cancel the pose.
►Save: Makes the current size of your product the permanent default size for future reverting. There is a confirmation warning before making this change.
►Revert: Returns your product to the default or last saved size.
►Resize All: The buttons below “Resize All” will adjust the size of your product in all XYZ dimensions.
►XYZ: The XYZ buttons will adjust the size of your product along a single dimension.

The buttons in the Appearance section will change the textures on your product. These options can be different for every product and will generally feature labels and visual textures to help you determine your options.

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