Resize Script Help

Most Sax Shepherd Design jewelery and wearables include our custom resizing scripts. These low-lag scripts are only activated when the prims are touched and inactive menus time out after 30 seconds.



Resize or Stretch complete item (linkset)
Resize or Stretch individual prims
Revert to default
Pose avatar for adjustment
Delete scripts


Note: For items that contain multiple features, such as both appearance and resize scripts, it will be necessary to enter the RESIZE menu from the root dialog menu before accessing some of these options.

1. Choose Edit Mode By Clicking
~ ALL PRIMS; Single click on the object to edit the entire object
~ SINGLE PRIM; Double click on a single prim to edit that prim
~ You will see your choice reflected in the menu text (“Editing: ALL PRIMS” or “Editing: PRIM X (Prim Name)”

2. Resize
~ Resize will adjust the size of the selected prim(s) in all three dimensions
~ Increments of 1, -1, 5, -5, 10, -10 can be selected

3. Stretch
~ Stretch X, Y, or Z will adjust the size of the selected prim(s) along a single axis.
~ Increments of 1, -1, 5, -5, 10, -10 can be selected
~ Overstreching along a single axis may warp the appearance of the object

4. Revert
~ Revert during an ALL PRIM edit will return all prims to their default size
~ Default size is the size and position of each prim at the time the resize scripts were last reset.
~ Single prim Revert will return a single prim to its previous size prior to being selected
~ Single prim Revert will not remember changes beyond a single prim; once another prim has been adjusted, the previous settings for a different prim will not be recalled

5. Pose On/Off
~ When worn, allows user to toggle in and out of a static adjustment pose without a pose stand
~ Will not work if object is not worn
~ Items keep track of pose status individually; using multiple items to enter and exit the editing pose may require two clicks instead of one to get to the desired state.

6. Delete Scripts
~ Deletes all scripts from the object’s inventory
~ Should only be used after a copy has been made

7. Saving a Fitting
~ Although you cannot “Save” a size adjustment, if you reset the scripts in an object after it has been adjusted that will become the new default.
~ Resetting should only be done after a copy has been made


~ Sometimes mesh items do not immediately show their resizing changes in certain viewers. You can confirm the current state of your items by editing them. This is a viewer display issue and not caused by lag or scripts.
~ If resizing has produced undesirable results, try to Revert from the ALL PRIMS menu; this should return the entire item back to its default size.
~ If you are unable to double click and select a single prim for resizing, make sure you are in the resize submenu prior to double clicking on the prim.
~ If you encounter additional problems, go back to the copy you took prior to editing and start over
~ When all else fails, drop a notecard to the SaxShepherdDesigns avatar; your customer service inquiry will be addressed as soon as possible
~ When sending a notecard, always include the name of the item, a brief explanation of your problem, and the resolution you are seeking (ie, replacement, information, etc)

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