Fitting Help (Breast & Nipple Jewelry)


1. If you are unable to find/see your breast jewelry after wearing it, try removing or resizing your breasts. Once you have located the pieces and adjusted their position, you can replace your breasts. Alternately you may need to position yourself on a pose stand and zoom inside your avatar to find the pieces if you are unable to alter your shape.

2. Most of our breast and nipple jewelry provides both Lola Tango mesh breast and standard SL breast options. The position of any hanging elements will have been made to accommodate the upturn of the Lola’s where necessary, but some additional adjustment may be required. For best results with standard SL breasts, the settings used on our model were:

Breast Size: 55
Breast Buoyancy: 25
Breast Cleavage: 15

If your sizes are drastically different from those numbers, you may have to do a bit of manual adjustment to get them to fit snugly.

3. If you are using Lola Tango mesh breasts, you may have to hide the nipples for some variations of our jewelry.

4. If individual parts appear invisible, try changing the appearance setting to reload a new texture. If that doesn’t work, your SL LOD settings may be too low to rez the mesh at the distance you’re viewing.

5. Desperation and Despair – If you have tried everything else and cannot get your jewelry to fit as you wish, drop a notecard on our customer service avatar – SaxShepherdDesigns – with your request and the date/time of your purchase. You should include the notecard in a folder with a copy of your shape (or at least your three breast settings) and we will try to custom fit your purchase for you as a courtesy. We will do our best to address such requests in a timely fashion and we reserve the right to decline to assist anyone who makes our attempt to help into an abusive experience.

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