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Contact Avatar: SaxShepherdDesigns Resident

* If you have questions or concerns, please drop a notecard to our customer service account: SaxShepherdDesigns Resident. This is the most expedient way to have your issue addressed. Notecards are best because IMs can be lost in the shuffle, but we will do our best to address all inquiries in whatever manner they are received.

* Contacting designers directly will likely result in a delay as they will have to relay your information to the customer service representative. Please respect the time of our creators by allowing them to focus on design while our customer service agent handles your questions and concerns.

* If you require contact outside of Second Life, you can contact us by emailing: saxshepherddesigns ~at~ gmail ~dot~ com

2 Responses to “Contact & Customer Support”

  • Anthony

    Hello first off i like to say I love your work it absolutely brilliant.

    I’m contacting you because I want to know how much would it be to have a Xaro Xhoan Daxos key amulet made. please get back to me as soon as you can. thank you

  • Hello Anthony,

    Due to concerns about the copyright of creating a pendant inspired by Daxos amulet, I have opted not to sell the one I made. I will be happy to provide you one as a gift if you IM our customer service avatar in world (SaxShepherdDesigns Resident) with the name of the avatar you’d like to have it on.

    Thank you!

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