About Us

Sax Shepherd Designs is a united brand offering multiple product lines for residents of Second Life.



Product Lines

Frills is the product line for our fashion and casual jewelry, offering everything from boho beads to lavish formal diamonds and jeweled sets.

Risq is the product line for our adult, fetish and BDSM themed jewelry and wearables. Generally these products are only available on the marketplace or at an adult themed boutique store. Remember to enable adult products to see Risq designs in your Marketplace search results.

SSD Body is the product line of our shapes.

SSD Decor is the product line for our modest offerings in home decor.

SSD Fantasy is the product line for our Drakyn animated dragons and other fantasy-themed items.

Our Creators

Sax Shepherd – custom creator and main artist behind the SSD brand. The vast majority of all SSD products are created by Sax. Sax is the alter-ego of RL graphic design and pin-up artist Jack Henslee.

Trav Rexen – amazing scripter and owner of the Script Shanty. Trav is responsible for the custom scripts included in all SSD creations.

Eidolon Sideshow – specializes in fantasy offerings.

Salome Strangelove – friend of the brand and eternal helper. Salome often assembles products, suggests designs, and takes care of the tedious tasks of managing business details and copy-writing.

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