Aphrodite Fine Jewelry

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Aphrodite Fine Jewelry

Aphrodite Fine Jewelry

100% Custom Mesh
Materials Enhanced Textures
HUD Driven Appearance Options
Modify-Enabled Non-Rigged Mesh

Each Pack Includes All the Below Jewelry Pieces:
* Diadem Headpiece
* Two Pairs of Earrings (Drop and Mesh)
* Choker
* Bracelets
* Cocktail Ring

The Aphrodite Fine Jewelry Collection is an expression of love worthy of the goddess herself. Rich and lustrous rare metals enveloped in legions of sparkling jewels bring the perfect kiss of splendor to any occasion.

Photo-realistic jewel options include Diamonds, Pearls, Ruby and Onyx. The jewels themselves are divided into three zones allowing for plenty of mix and match options. Be lavished with diamonds for formal events, pearls for weddings, and mix rubies and onyx for edgy fashion photos.

Available in Black Titanium, Gold, Platinum and Rose Gold sets as well as the Decadence Set which includes all four metals.

~~~ SSD Jewelry Always Features: ~~~

* Modify Enabled: Fit your pieces to your shape. Tint and edit to your personal preferences. (Scripts, Animations and other features may be no-mod, but mesh and prims will always be modify!)

* Low-lag custom scripts: Resize an entire piece, or stretch the length, width, or height individually. Fitting pose built in (no pose stand needed). Then take a copy and remove scripts whenever you like!

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