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SSD Desclos Slave Jewelry on Flickr

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100% Custom Mesh
Materials Enhanced Textures
L$749 per set
L$1299 Whole Damn Pack (all 6 sets)

The Desclos Slave Jewelry sets from Sax Shepherd Designs are high quality BDSM mesh sets. Because you don’t have to be drab to submit. We believe bondage should be shiny! What’s the point of showing all that skin if you’re not going to sport absolutely stunning slave accessories?

Each Set Includes:
Cuffs (Ankle & Wrist)
Nipple Chains with Weights
(Nipple Chains have fitting options for both Lola Tangos and the default SL avatar)

Desclos Slave Jewelry Whole Damn Pack

Burnished silver with etched celtic braid and stylized tribal inlay designs, each Desclos set is accented with one of six decorative medallions:

BDSM Triskelion
Celtic Cross
Gorean Dina
Gorean Kef
Skull n Bones

Or, get them all in the WHOLE DAMN PACK.

So get your Gor on or your Goth on or whatever else it is you put on with your collar and cuffs. That’s between you and whoever holds your keys (we won’t tell!).

All pieces modify to add your own collar/cuff (Xcite/Open Collar) scripts

~~~ SSD Jewelry Pieces Always Feature: ~~~

* Modify Enabled: Fit your pieces to your shape. Tint and edit to your personal preferences. (Scripts, Animations and other features may be no-mod, but mesh and prims will always be modify!)

* Low-lag custom resize scripts: Resize an entire piece, or stretch the length, width, or height individually. Fitting pose built in (no pose stand needed). Then take a copy and remove scripts whenever you like!

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