Chained Nipple Shields

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Each set includes one-piece linked set as well as individual nipple shields and herringbone chain.

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SSD Chained Nipple Covers - Silver

SSD Chained Nipple Covers – Silver

SSD Chained Nipple Covers - Gold

SSD Chained Nipple Covers – Gold

SSD Chained Nipple Covers - Copper

SSD Chained Nipple Covers – Copper

SSD Chained Nipple Covers - Carbide

SSD Chained Nipple Covers – Carbide

Here are a few notes about SSD Nip Chins:

1. The Nip Chains are fitted by default to the following breast settings:
Size: 55
Buoyancy: 25
Cleavage: 15
If your sizes are drastically different from those numbers, you will have to do a bit of manual adjustment to get them to fit snugly.

2. One Piece – The easiest way to wear the Nip Chains is to just Wear/Add the “One Piece” object. This is a sculpted object that will attach by default to the Chest point. If your breast settings are close to the defaults, this option should work well.

3. Separates – If your breast settings are very different, you may prefer to fit and position the three main pieces of the Nip Chains individually. You should choose the Add option when using these, as all three pieces attach to the Chest position (this way all pieces will move together). You can adjust the shields independently and then position/stretch the chain as needed.

4. Resizing With Scripts – ALWAYS TAKE A COPY BEFORE CUSTOMIZING YOUR PURCHASE. The “One Piece” option includes our Resize/Stretch scripts which allow for customization for the entire linkset or individual prims. Single click to edit the entire product or double click on the desired prim to edit it. Because clicking individual prims can be difficult you may wish to zoom in very close when editing (Control-0 will zoom in, Control-8 will zoom out, Control-9 returns your camera to normal). More detailed instructions for resizing with scripts are included with your purchase.

5. Resizing Manually – ALWAYS TAKE A COPY BEFORE CUSTOMIZING YOUR PURCHASE. If you choose to edit your products manually please be aware that there are 7 prims to this product – each shield is composed of the shield, a ring, and a bead. You will want to move those three prims together. The chain is separate and is best adjusted after you have the shields in place so you can connect it to the beads.

6. Desperation and Despair – If you have tried everything else and cannot get your Nip Chains to fit as you wish, drop a notecard on our customer service avatar – SaxShepherdDesigns – with your request and the date/time of your purchase. You should include the notecard in a folder with a copy of your shape (or at least your three breast settings) and we will try to custom fit your purchase for you as a courtesy. We will do our best to address such requests in a timely fashion and we reserve the right to decline to assist anyone who makes our attempt to help into an abusive experience.

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